We at, Ladanawa Corporation deals in a wide range of products that includes Processed Sandlewood, Hawan Dhoop Chips and Sandlewood Powder. Since pure Sandlewood is rare and expansive to find, we use a close substitute of it which is quite similar to the original one. The technology used in the processing is a sophisticated one which ensures the superior quality products. The Sandlewood offered by us is tough to distinguish from the original one.

The Sandlewood powder is widely used in numerous purposes. It is used for adding aroma to cosmetics, soaps, incense sticks, etc. The processed Sandlewood powder is offered with perfume guarantee of minimum two years. The products have gained immense popularity in the Indian market for its cost-effectiveness. Besides, we are identified as one of the trusted Sandlewood Powder Manufacturers and Suppliers in India.


Indian Sandalwood is extremely in demand all over the world for its beautiful fragrance and medicinal values. But since, fpure Sandalwood has almost become extinct and government has restricted its use. We offer Processed Sandle odor wood that is indistinguishable from the original one and if it is cut from anywhere it will produce a great smell